the burning oak, bedok marketplace.

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needed a quick dinner in the east side, and remembered that i've always wanted to try the burning oak's wagyu donburi. they've recently started offering it for dinner as well, not just lunch, so that suited my purposes.

they had a variety of different donburis on offer, but i already knew what i wanted- the wagyu and foie gras donburi ($18). i was given a buzzer after i paid, and i hung around for about fifteen minutes before it finally rung. as i was waiting i noticed that their business was really pretty good. every few moments people would come up to order- a feat given that there were plenty of other choices around.

i'd asked for less rice, but the guy who took my order said that the portion of rice was pretty small already. i insisted, though, and he relented, scribbling less rice on my order chit. the rice that i got was still a sizeable amount, though (for me).

the wagyu beef slices (MBS 6) were cooked perfectly medium rare, with a glorious, slightly crispy char on the outside. it had just the right amount of fat for it to be tender, but yet not overwhelmingly so. they were generous with the foie gras- it came in a fat slab, and best of all, had the same smoky char. the bowl also came with the requisite onsen egg (what's a donburi without an oozy egg, really?), pickled daikon and ginger. furikake, spring onions and sesame seeds were also sprinkled over the rice. the only thing i didn't like was the sauce, actually. there was enough sauce to give moisture to the rice, but it was just way too sweet. the rice was... well, just rice. nothing much to shout about, unlike at other japanese places, but at this price point, no complaints.

for the price, this was a really good no-frills beef donburi. i'd come back in a heartbeat to try their other donburis and skewers- there's an iberico pork one that looks promising. i love atas hawker stalls! cheaper price, with just as good food, making it really value for money. yum.

the burning oak
348 bedok road

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