twenty grammes, north bridge road.

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wanted needed some dessert after dinner in the city hall area, and after googling i found twenty grammes, which suited our purposes nicely. made our way over, found the place to be quite filled (it was saturday night, after all) but we managed to snag a table. we got one of the small round tables- i mean it when i say small- it was a squeeze even to put all the things we ordered. thankfully there were only three of us.

we got the belgian waffle with a single scoop of salted caramel ice-cream ($9.50) and a charcoal waffle with egg yolk sauce ($8.50) to share. as expected the charcoal waffle was really more for show than flavour, but interestingly enough there was actually a difference between the regular waffle and the charcoal one. i found the charcoal one just slightly more crisp, but it lacked the fragrance of the regular one. for some reason, though, the charcoal one went better with the salted egg yolk sauce- the regular one was just a little too sweet to be matched with the sauce. also would've wished the salted egg sauce to have more salted egg flavour, but it wasn't too bad. still, though, i would much prefer the regular waffle (it's not a belgian waffle, but it's okay since i don't like belgian waffle anyway).

i also got a flat white ($5) to go along with the waffles, but it wasn't the type i like- not enough body and way too milky.

not a bad place overall to get desserts, but it got a bit crowded and loud as the night wore on. still, for waffles, my favourite remains as creamier.

twenty grammes
753 north bridge road

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