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having had a pretty good meal the last time i was there, i was lured into returning to south union park because they'd introduced a weekday set lunch. at $18 for two courses and $21 for three, it seemed to be value for money.

i was there at almost two in the afternoon, and the place was empty save for one other table. there were two choices for each course, but it was an easy decision. to start i got the smoked tomato soup. it came piping hot and was utterly delicious. it was tangy, singing of tomato; the perfect start to a meal. this set the tone for the meal, and i was excited about the following courses.

for mains, it was a choice between fried chicken burger with cajun fries and a beef brisket cavetelli. they had me at beef brisket- of course i got the pasta. like the tomato soup, it came piping hot. the first thing that hit me once i was served was the hit of parmesan- and that sent my mouth watering. i was expecting it to be more pasta than meat, as with most pasta dishes. this one, however, surprised me with its equal proportion of beef and pasta, so each bite i took was perfectly balanced.

it was such a generous portion that i was already satiated by the time i was done with half the plate, but i couldn't stop eating until i'd cleaned the plate. and that, i think, is the biggest compliment i could give. it was so good- i loved the bite of the al dente, handmade cavatelli, how tender the shredded beef was, and that punchy sauce.

i was already extremely full by the time i finished the pasta, but there was still dessert, and of course, i willingly stretched my stomach for that. i picked the banana bread over the compressed fruit medley, because BANANA BREAD. it came with salted caramel ice-cream, but i requested for it to come without. they meant it when they said warm banana bread- it was indeed toasty and warm. not the most spectacular banana bread, but i like banana bread in almost all forms, and it was a serviceable one, especially since it came deliciously warm. paired with the caramelised banana and buttery crumble, i had no problems wiping the plate clean. even the coffee that they served was no afterthought- it was aromatic and paired really well with dessert.

i loved how they'd put so much thought into each course. everything was obviously made with care. i'd come back in a heartbeat just for the beef brisket cavatelli. highly recommended.

south union park
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