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went back to ah bong's italian exactly one week after my first visit, mostly because R was tempted after seeing my instagram post. my previous visit was good enough that i didn't mind a return- especially for the comfort eggs. so that was what we got for starters, and happily enough, R liked it a lot as well. missed out on the burrata with homemade bread ($14) the previous time, because they were out, so this time, we got it to share.

i loved it. the burrata itself was generously portioned- i wish there was more bread to go along with it, to be honest. the burrata was creamy and delicious, pairing really well with the crusty, crispy homemade bread. it even came with roasted cherry tomatoes, which were warm and added a pop of acidity. i loved the dish in its entirety- it was hearty, delicious and comforting.

our mains came after a short wait. R got the angus beef pasta that C got previously, and loved it as much as C did. i decided to go with the day's special- a grilled chicken in light broth ($16). i know it's weird that i go to ah bong's and not have pasta, which is what they're known for, but the chicken sounded good.

turned out that my decision was a good one. they'd used the thigh, so the chicken was succulent. best of all, it was grilled so well that the skin was rendered to a golden brown crisp- utterly delicious. the dish also came with potato and spring vegetables, all of which were in a deceptively light-looking broth. the broth was packed full of flavour, and was a comforting eat. i'd go back just to have it again.

at the end of the meal we were both stuffed and fully satiated. each time i eat at ah bong's i leave satisfied, vowing to return again. it's awesome that they've opened a new, more accessible branch at bugis, and that they now are open for dinner.

ah bong's italian
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