sunny choice organic café, rail mall.

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i'm hardly ever in the bukit timah area, so when i was there for work yesterday, i jumped at the opportunity to check out restaurants in the vicinity. bukit timah has a whole slew of food places that i've been meaning to check out (but haven't due to accessibility issues and general laziness). thanks to the downtown line, though, sunny choice was actually quite easy to get to. out of all the restaurants, i picked sunny choice because i was in the mood for thunder tea rice- haven't had it in a while; there was a point in time where i was utterly crazy about it.

the café was actually merged with a grocer section, so there were shelves of organic produce all around. it was quiet for lunch. it being my first visit, i was wondering how to order. since there was a cashier, i went up there to attempt to place my order, but i was told that ordering should be done via the ipad placed in a pocket underneath each table.

i took a seat and placed my order- it was fairly easy to decide. i'd already settled on the thunder tea rice ($8.50) and the vegetable sushi ($7) that i'd seen online, though admittedly once i saw they had yam abacus ($7) i was briefly tempted. the food came really quickly once i'd placed my order- really efficient!

i was there mainly for the thunder tea rice, having seen rave reviews online. it was alright; not the best i've had, but serviceable. i'd asked for less rice, so i found the proportion of rice to vegetable just about right. i would have liked more peanuts for extra crunch, though. since it was a vegetarian place, the anchovies had been replaced with tiny tempura-battered (?) mushrooms, which were actually pretty good. best of all, the entire bowl was clean tasting and not oily. i didn't take to the rice, though- it was brown instead of the purple one that usually comes with thunder tea rice, but the texture was slightly on the mushy side. what i liked was the tea soup- it seriously packed a punch, not like the other wimpy, watered down versions i've had.

the standout, however, was the vegetable sushi. it REALLY tasted like sushi, despite not having rice in it. there was a vinegary taste which totally reminded me of regular sushi, plus the wasabi dipping sauce that came along was fabulous. i found myself dunking each roll into the sauce.

the food was clean and simple- exactly my kind of thing. i like vegetables, but i usually need meat in every meal; however, i found myself not missing meat at all. i'd come back for the vegetable sushi, and perhaps to try the yam abacus as well.

sunny choice organic café
434 upper bukit timah road

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