tsukeru shabu-shabu つけるなべ物, emporium shokuhin.

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bought a groupon for tsukeru shabu-shabu over at emporium shokuhin, because it seemed like a good deal for the quality of ingredients ($74 for two people). made a reservation and went for a weeknight dinner with L.

ordering was fuss-free. there was an ipad mini on the table, and to order, we just had to key in whatever we wanted, and it'd be brought to our table. there are usually glitches when it comes to technology like that, but not in this case. everything we ordered arrived promptly and in the correct portion size.

the interesting thing about this shabu-shabu place is the individual pots. theoretically each person would get their own pot to cook their own stuff in, making hygiene less of a concern, but L and i got two different soups to share for variety, so the mini pot felt a bit small. L was commenting that dining in larger groups would feel a bit awkward, because the individual pots takes away the sharing aspect of shabu-shabu. i guess it caters to a different crowd. i, for one, quite like it.

it was an easy pick for soup bases. there were six available, and we were entitled to choose two. we got the miso tonkotsu and the tsukeru kombu soup. i was briefly tempted by the tan tan sesame, but L reminded that it'd be spicy, and we didn't feel that brave, so that went out the window.

not much to choose from from the menu, but who needs variety when what was available was so delicious? the quality of the meat especially shone through. they had wagyu brisket, wagyu rump and kurobuta, all thinly sliced. we got one of each to start, but quickly figured out that what we liked was the wagyu brisket and the kurobuta. just look at the marbling on the meat! the fats were so delicious i threw all thought of calories out the window. the buffet also included seafood- salmon and scallops. didn't particularly take to the salmon, but the scallops were pretty good.

we also got plenty of vegetables to go with the meat. like the rest of the ingredients, the vegetables were fresh and delicious.

the miso tonkotsu soup was especially good with the meat. it reminded me of ramen soup, actually! the kombu soup was, in comparison, lighter, and more suited for the vegetables. both were good in their own way. even the pork dumplings were not the afterthought that i thought they'd be- thin skinned and packed with pork and vegetables.

not sure how many servings of the wagyu and kurobuta we had (and not sure i want to think too much about that, either). the meat was of such good quality that i didn't mind the lack of variety. i'd come back easily.

tsukeru shabu-shabu つけるなべ物
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emporium shokuhin

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