cornerstone, bishan park.

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was supposed to meet C somewhere in the ang mo kio/bishan area for dinner, but we also needed a place that was quiet and had wifi to discuss our upcoming trip. while googling for a place, cornerstone came up (there is really a lack of interesting options in the ang mo kio/bishan area- most of the places are chain restaurants). decided to go with cornerstone on a whim, and we headed over, taking a bus from ang mo kio.

i called to make a reservation, but it wasn't necessary. it was really quiet, with only a couple of other tables occupied. pondered over the menu for a while before deciding on the country style slow smoked beef brisket ($25) while C went with the salmon steak with basil pesto crust ($26).

our food came fairly quickly, but upon taking a bite of my beef brisket, i came to the realisation that it was way overcooked. it was tough, dry and chewy. i gave it another try before giving up on it. the accompanying sides were good, though- the creamy, buttery mash was delicious. i don't usually send food back, but i did this time. thankfully enough they were nice about it, apologising and replacing it with a fresh plate. (took quite a while, though. C was done by the time it came back.) the second time around, it was much better- juicier at least. still, it wasn't something i would pay $25, before taxes, for.

i tried bits of C's salmon, and found it pretty ordinary. would've liked the salmon, too, to be less cooked, but C had no complaints about that, so maybe that's just me.

the ambience of the place was nice, though! i guess that was what we were paying for. it was a good place to have a conversation (and in our case, to research on stuff). won't be back for the food, in any case, though service saved it.

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reading menus is one of my hobbies.