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wanted something clean and simple, and omnivore quickly came to mind. i still remember how their steak was the previous time, though, so i was slightly hesitant about getting the steak again. still, i was craving steak, so i decided to go for it, after telling the counter that it had to be medium rare.

i know that usually salad places are into quick, grab and go service, so i didn't expect them to pay so much attention! the guy who took my order was very apologetic once i told him about my previous visit, even asking whether it happened during the lunch rush (i went back another time after my second visit, making sure that it was after the lunch rush, to test out my theory that it was because of the lunch rush that led to negligence, but the result was the same). he even waived the $1 top-up for the steak, despite my protests that it was okay, so i paid $10.40.

and they really paid attention to my request (so much so that i felt slightly embarrassed- made me feel like i was overly picky). they assembled my bowl, and was waiting on the steak. the lady in charge of slicing steak looked really carefully at the steak that was sent over, checking for doneness. she sliced perhaps half of the steak, put into my bowl, before looking at me and saying apologetically that the rest of it was too over. and she got them to get another one done for me. the second one that came back was perfectly medium rare. my friend, who ordered after me, even lucked out by getting the "rejected" steak, on top of another piece.

the steak was just as good as it looked- as good as when i had it the first time. the rest of my salad was just as delicious. clean, simple and tasty.

super impressed by their service- most places would've probably just pretend to be agreeable about the doneness, and serve it whatever. omnivore, however, really went the extra mile. and that guarantees that i'll be a return customer.

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