ninja bowl, duxton.

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i feel smug whenever i traipse down to try out a new place, and i end up loving it even more than i'd expected. i've wanted to try ninja bowl ever since i saw posts on it on instagram. so happily enough, i had enough time today, and they were also conveniently open on sundays (surprise, given that it's located in the cbd).

i usually like to google the menu of the place that i'm going to before i go, so my visit to ninja bowl followed the same protocol. didn't manage to dig it up, though, because they are so new their website link on facebook doesn't work. knew that they had a hokkaido scallops and mussels bowl, so i was initially eyeing that. when i got the menu, however, i changed my mind, deciding on the genki ($16) instead. topped up another $2 for some ninja rice.

ordered and paid at the counter, took a tag, and sat down. i was kind of in a hurry (and hungry) so i was happy to see my food served so swiftly. the place was also emptier than i'd expected- i remember going to department of caffeine (where ninja bowl is currently located) and having to wait for both a table and food. speaking of department of caffeine, ninja bowl seems to have retained most of the furnishing.

i firmly believe that donburis are almost an art form. there needs to be a balance- the right combination of toppings, as well as the right amount. ninja bowl nailed it on both counts. a combination of buttery roasted pumpkin, savoury marinated beansprouts, refreshingly acidic pickled beetroot, a juicy slab of just-sweet-enough yaki unagi and of course, that glorious onsen egg, over a bed of ninja rice. the ninja rice was basically a mixture of brown and japanese rice, with sesame seeds thrown in for good measure. each component of the donburi worked well together. the richness of the roasted pumpkin was offset by the sweet-sour beetroot pickles. the gooey onsen egg was such a good match with the rice, i wish i had another of that egg. i liked the diversity of each topping- each bite was a different explosion of flavours. also helped that all the toppings were delicious in their own way.

i'm plotting a return visit- this place warrants that. eyeing one of the items on the all day brunch menu next. definitely coming back!

ninja bowl
15 duxton road

reading menus is one of my hobbies.