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it's been a while since i've been back to ssäm- my last visit was sometime late last year. i've gone back several times since my last post, always ordering the bowl, but switching to kimchi rice instead of the mild tasting cilantro lime rice. the bowl has been the thing i was craving every time i go back, so i've never been tempted to try the burrito.

knowing L and her liking for korean food, i've always wanted to bring L along, but ssäm's only open on weekdays, and only until 6 pm at that. it's only now that L's working in raffles place that i've been able to introduce her to the place.

we took a quick walk over from republic plaza. it was nearing the end of the lunch rush, so even though there were still only two tiny tables, we managed to grab a table after waiting around for a bit. it's more of a grab-and-go type of place (what with the high, not really comfortable stools and limited shop space), not somewhere to linger over lunch, which suited our purpose fine. the other table, however, was occupied by three girls who seemed to have a leisurely lunch in mind- even after we left, they were still there. i remember having to share a table almost every time i was there, and this time, it was no different.

i, of course, ordered the bowl. they're pretty flexible about the base- i got half kimchi rice and half salad. and because i was starving, i got the beef and chicken as protein. happy to say that they're still as generous with servings as i remembered them to be! even L, who is as much of a bottomless pit as i am, was taken aback by the size of the bowl. the toppings remained the same, as were the prices ($11 for mine). L was less greedy and got just the beef bowl.

the food was just as gloriously yummy as i remembered. it was a delicious explosion of korean-mexican flavours- who knew korean and mexican could go so seamlessly together? i was especially fond of the seaweed topping. we were both equally enamoured with the beef. thinly sliced (kind of like those for shabu shabu), with just enough fat to make it flavoursome, and well marinated.

standards were just as high as i remembered- rare, really. and i'm so glad that L liked it just as much as i did! definitely going back for more of the bowls with L (i should probably try the burritos next, but the rice bowls are just so good).

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