brickworks tacos, bukit merah.

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i have a soft spot for hawker/coffeeshop stalls selling not the usual hawker fare, because it means unique food without the accompanying high price tag. so it was natural that i'd want to check out brickworks tacos. tacos at a fraction of the price it's sold at in restaurants- why not? the only thing preventing me from heading over was its location. bukit merah- really?! and so far away from a train station, too. so it was only today, when i had oodles of time on my hands, that i managed to head over.

it was located in a coffeeshop beside abc brickworks hawker. not sure whether it was because it was slightly after the lunch break, but i was the only one who patronised them the entire time i was there. examined the menu and decided to ask regarding the difference between the taco meal and bowl. the taco meal came with two tacos and a small side of rice, while the bowl was basically a deconstructed taco, sans tortilla but with rice. happily enough, they were running a special, with all bowls and meals going at $5.

they were also having beef rendang and chicken curry tacos, which sounded really good. so the beef rendang taco meal was what i went with, though the chicken curry was also tempting.

i was told to take a seat, and they'd serve me my food. my food came pretty quickly! it even came with free grilled corn, which was buttery, sweet and delicious. the beef rendang taco itself was really good, too. shredded beef rendang topped with coleslaw, wrapped with a warm, soft tortilla- fusion done well. eating tacos usually end up being a messy affair, but the tacos were wrapped with paper, making eating less cumbersome. i could've done without the rice, though. that was the only part of the meal that i felt was a letdown. the rice had all the colour, but none of the flavour- it was kind of like eating plain rice. the coleslaw on top helped slightly. i would've swapped the rice for another of the corn, though!

the food was delicious- i scarfed everything down in minutes. that, though, was one of the problems, too. portions was more snack-size than meal-size. i was tempted to go nab another of the tacos (probably the chicken curry one) but managed to stop myself. i would come back if i'm in the area. they have quesadillas that look tempting.

brickworks tacos
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