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Saturday, April 16, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

swung by for a quick lunch, with my eye on their quinoa bowls again. i stuck to most of what i had previously, but swapped one vegetable side to a protein because i was starving. loved the yangzhou fried rice style quinoa so much that i had to have it again, along with ratatouille and both proteins (sous vide cajun chicken breast and bulgogi beef).

this time, the wait for my food was much shorter. i probably waited less than five minutes before my bowl was brought over. everything was toasty and warm; just as good as i'd remembered.

of course, without the groupon voucher, prices are kind of steep, especially considering the location (not cbd) and the fact that the portion of protein isn't exactly big. still, the quality of the food is there, and i'd still come back for the yangzhou fried rice style quinoa.

the bento people
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