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came by for lunch on a monday afternoon, because i'd bought the groupon (and it was going to expire soon). the café was bigger than it looked from the outside. it stretched quite a bit inwards, with booths that gave much privacy. since it was pretty much empty, my friend and i chose a booth.

the menu was compact with just brunch items and mains, making decision making less of an issue. most of the items on the brunch menu were variations of egg- not complaining, since i love eggs. we got the beef and mushrooms ($16) and eggs benedict ($13), along with a flat white ($4.50) and mocha ($5).


the food was pretty normal- standard café food, i suppose. the scrambled eggs that came with the beef and mushrooms were pretty good though. the food was decent, aside from the way overcooked beef- surprising, given that they had quite a number of steak items on their menu. i found the eggs benedict much better than the beef and mushrooms. the eggs were perfectly poached, and the combination of hollandaise sauce, ham and english muffin was a classic, with the bonus of being well executed.

my flat white was on the milky side, lacking an espresso kick. while food was just pretty average, i have to say that their service was awesome. we had cakes to consume, because my friend had bought it when we had had no idea of what to have for lunch. since the cakes wouldn't keep, we had no choice but to (sneakily) eat them in the café. (we reasoned that since we were in the relatively private booth, they wouldn't see us.) well, our plan kind of backfired, because the waitress did see us. not only did she not get annoyed, she even brought us sharing plates and extra napkins! bonus points for service, really.

so while food was average, the service makes me want to go back again, to perhaps just chill out with a coffee with friends. i wonder, though, if they'll survive in the café scene. jalan besar is full of established cafés, after all. kind of hoping that they do.

wednesdays food company
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