bing go jung korean dessert house, guillemard.

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wanted bingsu after dinner. we were initially intending to go to snowy village, which i've been to a number of times, but not X. however, it seems that they'd closed down- the café was closed, even though it was within their stated opening hours. so, change of plans. X suggested bing go jung, which she liked quite a lot, so we headed over.

i've known of its existence, but never thought of going, because it'd never rated that highly on bingsu lists online. then again... most people also rate nunsongyee highly, but both X and i aren't impressed- way too overpriced, and where are the toppings?! i guess we're the types who are more into the toppings than the actual ice itself. so that's probably why i really liked bing go jung- they were generous with the toppings, perhaps even overly so.

we were deciding between the injeolmi bingsu and the red bean (both $11)... and decided to stick to our usual injeolmi with additional red bean for an extra $1. i was feeling greedy so we also got the hotteok waffle ($5) to share.

as mentioned, i loved the generosity of toppings. it was a huge bowl, and we quite literally struggled to finish it. it was FULL of mochi bits, which i love. in fact, we ended up with more mochi bits than ice- always a happy problem.

X didn't like the hotteok waffle, but i did. i particularly liked its chewy, mochi-like texture and the fragrance of the cinnamon. i was initially wondering why the portion of the waffle was so small, but it packs a punch because of its mochi-like texture.

yum. one of my favourite bingsu places now. added bonus that it's so near my house- i simply walked home after that.

bing go jung korean dessert house
102 guillemard road

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