soup stock tokyo, 313 somerset.

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we were totally lost as to what to have for lunch- irritating, considering the myriad of options in orchard. sometimes it's almost as if the sheer number of options is more crippling. anyway, we eventually settled on soup stock tokyo. i've been wanting to try it since it opened in singapore (*cough* quite a while ago), but somehow never made it there (maybe because i'm too hungry to just have soup most of the time).

decided to share the buddy curry & soup set combo ($30.80), which came with 2 small soups, 2 sets of curry rice and 2 drinks. i got the butter chicken curry with brown rice and hokkaido crab bisque, along with hot green tea.

the crab bisque wasn't quite what i'd imagined it to be- could hardly taste any crab. but okay, it was tasty all the same. the japanese style curry, more sweet than spicy, was pretty good too, especially paired with the perfectly cooked brown rice (totally loved the brown rice). would've liked them to be more generous with the chicken pieces, though, given the prices they're charging. i think i had a total of perhaps three average sized cubes- hardly enough protein for me. still, it was an enjoyable meal. i thought i wouldn't be full, but i ended up being comfortably so (probably from the brown rice, which i finished in its entirety).

i'll be back to try the beef curry that my friend had. tried a bit of the curry and it tasted yum.

soup stock tokyo
313 somerset

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