plain jane café, serangoon.

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disclaimer: i'm very fond of swiss rolls (or any sort of rolls, for that matter- including peanut rolls, sushi rolls, burritos... the list goes on). so of course when i read about a café specialising in swiss rolls, i knew i had to go.

i actually went sometime last year, when they'd just opened. we came by just a little too late- it was a bit after nine, and they'd just sold out of their last piece of chocolate swiss roll. thankfully, though, the matcha ($5.90) and the plain ($4.90) were still available. they had an interesting range of teas available, and after smelling through all the samples, we decided on the pandan chiffon.

the cakes came simply plated on vintage looking plates- so pretty! for the portions, prices were steep, but it was so good i didn't care. good cakes are worth paying for!

the sponge was light and fluffy, and so was the cream. loved that it wasn't overpoweringly sweet (and it made me want to eat more). among the three of us, we shared two rolls, and quickly found that it wasn't enough... and so we ordered a third one. the tea, smelling lightly of pandan, went deliciously well with the rolls. yum!

i'm aiming to go back soon, for the nutella (!) and thai milk tea flavoured ones. it's a game of chance with the cakes though (which i suppose is part of the fun)- we enquired about availability, and it seems that going too early might mean that certain flavours wouldn't be ready. go too late, though, and it might just be sold out.

plain jane café
211 serangoon avenue 4

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