wasabi tei, far east plaza.

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i once queued for almost an hour for wasabi tei during dinner time with X, only to be told that they were out of japanese rice (though they'd be able to serve us normal rice). since what we wanted to have was chirashi, after a short discussion, we decided to scrape our plan of having dinner there, and headed to the sushi bar downstairs instead. that was a really long time ago, and somehow i never made it back there until recently.

they'd opened another space nearby, but after looking through the offerings on both sides, we decided on the original outlet. counter seating only, with an additional $2 per seat, no gst and service charge.

they're famed for having thickly sliced sashimi in their chirashi, which is exactly what i like. that made decision making a breeze. X also decided on the chirashi after some contemplation.

not a fan of cheap tuna, so i requested to replace the tuna slices. the chef willingly obliged with no extra charges, which meant that i got more salmon.

the slices were indeed thickly cut. the portions of fish were generous as well, with a good ratio of fish to rice. it came with mostly salmon, some salmon belly, mekajiki, octopus, crabstick, tamago, scallop and a scoop of ikura. X complained about the tamago being anaemic, and i concur- would've liked more of the egg. no other complaints otherwise, though. super filling- i was almost struggling to finish it, and i usually feel that sashimi is not enough. haha.

for $30 ($28 for the chirashi), the set came with an appetiser (hijiki seaweed when we went), miso soup, green tea and fruit. pretty good value, given how satisfying it was. service was nonexistent- we were served the chirashi by the chef over the counter with barely a grunt of acknowledgement, but who cares when food was the main reason we were there.

wasabi tei
far east plaza

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