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i've always liked sacha & sons, but it kind of fell off my radar, probably because there are just too many food options around. thanks to chope's diners' choice tasting menu, i got reminded that i like sacha & sons, so i bought a voucher and went over with J for a weeknight dinner.

the tasting menu was basically a specialty platter, where we got to pick three meat and smoked fish items. we picked pastrami, house cured gravlax and an egg & onion dip. the platter included two bagels, house pickles, onion, coleslaw and tomato. i've never had their platter, so i wasn't sure what kind of quantities that entailed (we were greedy and wanted to order more stuff). the waitress who took our order was really helpful though! she told us that the platter would be enough for two, and even showed us a picture of the platter on her phone, thus solving our dilemma. we still decided to be greedy though. J, having had their scrambled eggs before, was insistent on getting her scrambled eggs with sturgeon and caramelised onion ($20). i missed their latkes, so added on the one with apple sauce and sour cream ($10). we were musing at the matzo brei, wondering what it was, when the waitress told us that they'd run out of latkes (!) took that as a sign and decided to change my latkes to a savoury matzo brei ($14).

the platter came first. i was at first skeptical about the egg and onion dip, because i don't like raw onions, but we'd settled on that because the waitress told us that the onions were caramelised and the dip was pretty good. glad that we'd listened to the waitress! it was like egg mayo, but with much less mayo, and more egg. the pastrami was also just as delicious as i remembered it to be. in fact, everything on the platter was good, right down to the coleslaw. i loved that they weren't heavy handed with the mayo in both the egg and coleslaw, and that portions of the platter were super generous.

the scrambled eggs were, just as J said, delicious. super smooth and creamy- probably one of the best scrambled eggs that i've had.

the matzo brei, however, took some getting used to. it came looking like a hybrid of omelette and pancake, dusted with fresh herbs and stuffed with caramelised onions. sour cream and salmon pearls were served in separate dishes on the side. the matzo brei tasted oddly bland, as though it needed some salt. paired it with the sour cream and salmon pearls, and that made it taste a bit better, but it still wasn't really our kind of thing. managed to get through about half of it, before we got too full- we'd obviously ordered too much, and the waitress had been right about the platter being enough for two people.

we had so much food we didn't even have space for the bagels, and asked for them to be packed. service was excellent- they paper bagged the bagels, even asking if we wanted separate bags. upon seeing that we'd put on our jackets and were cold, the waitress took the initiative to turn down the air conditioning.

probably won't be getting the matzo brei anytime soon, but the rest of the food was good! plus, on a weeknight, the place was quiet and just the right place for dinner, away from the bustle of town. it goes without saying that we'll be back- i was enthusing throughout dinner about making a return, much to J's amusement.

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