la ristrettos, novena medical centre.

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it seems i'm always going to places with all-day brunch nowadays (thanks to J). suggested la ristrettos, because the location was ideal, has all-day brunch, and has been on my to-try list for the longest time.

spied the breakfast crab cake ($15) on instagram, so i had my eye on that from the get go, though admittedly when i saw they had some daily specials (STEAK) i wavered slightly. perhaps i should have gotten the steak, though, because when the crab cake came we were both amused by how tiny it was. it would've been better marketed as a starter- or just give me two poached eggs and more spinach, please. after we left, i had to go get something else to eat.

tastewise, it was not too bad. i could actually taste the crab in the crab cake! the crab cake and the potato croquette could've been more crisp, though. as a whole, it was satisfactory, but not something i would come back for.

i wanted to wait for J's frittata before i tucked into my food, but i waited for about ten minutes before i gave up and started eating. i was probably already halfway through my food before her frittata FINALLY came. we went to ask when it'd be ready, and were told that because it had to be baked, it would take a while. okay... they probably should've stated that on the menu or told us when we were making our orders. it took about half an hour from when we placed our orders before it finally arrived.

pricing was nett, so it wasn't too expensive, though value for money is another question altogether. still, it was nice to spend a rainy weekday afternoon in the small café, just chilling out.

la ristrettos
novena medical centre

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