ninja cut, seah street.

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liked ninja bowl enough on my previous visit, so when i saw that they were opening a new concept right in bugis, i was excited to go. met J for a late lunch at ninja cut since i happened to be in the area, and the place was quiet.

the roasted cauliflower ($10) jumped out at us from the sides menu, because CRISPY KALE! MIXED NUTS! we got one to share- it's good to have a friend with such similar tastebuds.

i was faffing about trying to decide on the numerous beef options, before finally settling on the hot cheek ($14), which came with japanese curry beef cheek. i asked if they could replace the cherry tomatoes in my bowl with sautéed mushrooms when i was ordering at the counter, mentally preparing to top up an amount, but the girl readily agreed. i like that they're flexible with their sides! so my bowl ended up with cauliflower, onsen egg, sautéed mushrooms, pickled beets and mixed nuts- all of my favourite things. i remembered liking the ninja rice from my previous visit, so i added that on as well for an extra $2.

J settled on the gimme chimi chicken ($14), adding on quinoa ($3).

the food was simple, but pretty good. i would've appreciated a bigger portion of protein, because i'm a growing girl, but the meal did keep me satisfied until dinner time, surprisingly enough.

also would've liked the roasted cauliflower to be a bit more roasted- it was leaning towards the raw side; and it was also oilier than both of us would've liked. probably wouldn't get the cauliflower again, but the grain bowls hit the spot for a clean lunch.

saw on instagram that everyone was raving about the grilled cheese sandwich in the cheeky cheese ($18), so that might be worth a try. their all-day brunch items look promising as well. no doubt that i'll be back.

ninja cut
32 seah street

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