pacamara boutique coffee roasters, upper thomson, 2.0.

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i think pacamara might just be my favourite café for now- not that i've been there many times, but because it comes to mind whenever we want to go to a café for mealtimes. still, its location means it's not exactly accessible, unless J is driving. we happened to be nearby on a weeknight and so, drove over for dinner. just barely made last order- the place is open till 11pm, but last orders for food was at 9pm. J dropped me off before going to find parking, and i dashed in at something like 8.59pm. luckily they were nice enough to still let me order.  *wipes sweat*

given the short decision making time frame, i had to quickly decide what to eat, plus decide for J as well (lucky that's quite easy). i decided on the moroccan lamb stew ($22) and the pan-fried sea bass ($22) for J.

didn't take long for our orders to be served. my lamb stew came first- a generous mound of silky mash, topped with chunks of tender lamb. there was even crispy kale!

what surprised me was the vegetable stew, however- the carrots were slightly tangy, reminding me of pickles. it was a good sort of surprise, though, since it added a pop of freshness to the dish. the moroccan based sauce was on the salty side, but it was balanced out by the creamy mash. needless to say, i loved the dish. it was such a comforting eat.

J's fish was good as well! i stole a bite and it was well cooked, with the requisite crispy skin. it was similarly generously portioned. i hate it when cafés give dainty portions, and pacamara, on both occasions, proved to me that cafés don't necessarily equate that. food was consistently good, and i have no doubt that we'll be back soon.

pacamara boutique coffee roasters
185 upper thomson road

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