man man japanese restaurant, keong saik.

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happened to be free, so popped by for a quick lunch. i arrived at one-thirty, way after the lunch crowd had dissipated, so i didn't even have to wait for a seat. 

got a counter seat, right in front of a huge glass window where they were grilling unagi on the spot. i was transfixed. 

the menu was simple, made up of just different variations of unagi bowls. i was intending to order the kimodon ($24.80), which came with grilled unagi liver, unagi and tamagoyaki, but was told that they were out of unagi liver. i then settled for the hitsumabushi ($26.80) instead, even though i'm not really a fan of the hitsumabushi style- i feel it dilutes the taste, and doesn't really add anything. decided to try it anyway since it was just a dollar or so more than the regular unagi don.

my food came really quickly, and it was good. i loved the slight char of the grilled unagi, which made the exterior slightly crisp, while the interior was still tender. at my first bite i found it almost shockingly salty, but when paired with the rice, it made sense. and speaking of the rice- it was pearly and awesome and just like all japanese rice should be. i intended to ask for less rice, but i forgot, and was glad i forgot, because i wiped the entire bowl clean without even using any of the extra sauces provided on the table. the hitsumabushi broth was alright, but i wouldn't bother with it again because the star is ultimately unagi. 

i really liked that they provided fresh wasabi to grate. i loved the kick of the fresh wasabi paired with the salty-sweet unagi- so so good.

service was slightly harried. they didn't realise that i hadn't been served tea until near the end of my meal. i didn't know it was provided free until the waitress came over, all apologetic, with a cup of tea.  they were nice about it so i didn't mind.

bottomline: the unagi was awesome. i'll come back to try the kimodon. 

man man japanese unagi restaurant
1 keong saik road

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