seiwaa okonomiyaki, dunlop street.

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figured that C would like to have japanese, after having so many days of western food in london during our trip, so i suggested okonomiyaki. i've never had okonomiyaki in singapore, and i was curious to see how it would measure up to what i had in japan, especially since they seem to specialise in okonomiyaki.

L was joining us for dinner, but she was running late (as usual) so we just ordered first. there was an offer with j passport- getting one okonomiyaki would give us a free monjayaki, so we got a mixed okonomiyaki ($16) and a mixed monjayaki ($14).

it was interesting how they brought all the ingredients over to the grill on our table, and started making it right in front of our eyes. i was super fascinated by how the guy did it with practised ease.

since it took quite a while to make, it was probably good that they made it in front of us (given how hungry i was). watching its cooking progress (and being entertained by it in the process) made the wait more bearable.

also liked how they left the bonito flakes and seaweed powder (?) at the table, for us to add as we wished. i was so hungry i inhaled my piece and quickly went back for seconds- really good. it's osaka style okonomiyaki, though, so quite different from what i had previously in hiroshima.

when we were done with the okonomiyaki, they started making the monjayaki. i haven't had monjayaki before, so i didn't know what to expect. i really didn't expect it to be so... flat, though! it was so flat that we were supposed to scrape it off the grill and eat it off our spoons. it was yummy when it got slightly burnt and crispy, though, so no complaints. it's not as substantial as an okonomiyaki, though, so we ordered more- a beef okonomiyaki and a beef monjayaki (both $12).

i was feeling greedy so i also asked for a tonpeiyaki ($8) off the special menu. it was good i did, too, because it was good. (then again i probably just love egg anything.) it was basically an omelette stuffed with crispy pork belly and cabbage, topped with okonomiyaki sauce. yum!

had a good time eating, and was surprised that the meal ended up being pretty cheap- perhaps because of the one-for-one deal. service was pretty good, too! the ventilation isn't great, though, so we all ended up smelling like grease. still, i'd go back.

seiwaa okonomiyaki
72 dunlop street

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