london: scotchtails, borough market.

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scotchtails proved to be strangely elusive- the first time we went to borough market, we wandered around the market in search of it, even googling and asking stall owners, convinced that we were not looking hard enough. in the end we realised that they just weren't open that day (J was astounded when we told her- she was all, it's always there when i go!). the second (and final) time we went back to borough market, i had my fingers crossed- i really, really wanted to try it before we left london. and happily enough, there they were, under one of the makeshift tents.

the menu was simple. scotch egg on a bed of rocket (4.50), meal box which came with additional sweet potato fries (6.90) or just the sweet potato fries alone. we wanted just the scotch egg, but there was no such option (i asked, and was told that they'd charge us 4.50 anyway), so we got the one with rocket. the scotch egg they had on offer that day was a pork one.

i'd had scotch eggs before, but this one was different. most of the time the meat around the scotch egg is such a thin layer that it seems more like an afterthought, but this one was really wrapped with a thick, juicy layer of pork mince. the yolk was molten and a glorious orangey hue. artisanal scotch eggs, indeed. the breading was minimal, making it less greasy than scotch eggs usually are. the scotch egg was finished with a grind of black pepper and sea salt. even the dressing of the rocket was good. i love it when simple things are done well.

i'm glad we managed to try the scotchtails in the end. if i had more space (and time) i probably would've wanted to go back again.

borough market

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