coyote by spruce, phoenix park.

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coyote's brunch menu (tex mex!) intrigued me enough to want to give it a try, so i snagged a $30 chope voucher and headed down on a sunny sunday afternoon for brunch with X. i've never actually been to phoenix park, so i didn't realise how far away from civilisation it was until i google-mapped it. happily enough there was a bus from somerset which cut down the walking (i'm really lazy about walking nowadays, because of the insane heat).

we reached at two-plus, and on approaching the restaurant, we were scared to see that there was al fresco dining (i believe in al fresco dining, but not in singapore). but thankfully they did have indoor seating as well (i quite literally heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the indoor seating area). happily enough it was quiet when we reached; only a couple of other tables were occupied. we got a table by the window, and while the air conditioning wasn't strong, it at least beat sitting al fresco.

i'd already decided what i wanted, so i barely had to glance at the menu. as usual X was torn between a few choices, but eventually settled on a pulled chicken torta ($20). i got the huevos carnitas benedictinos ($19), which was basically a fancy way of saying eggs ben.

i was starving- i'd had an early breakfast, had hit the gym, and really needed my fuel; so it was awesome that the food came pretty quickly, and at the same time, too. i was impressed by the generosity of the pulled pork and chicken on our respective plates- particularly X's, because it was presented open face, so the pulled chicken appeared as... well, a big lump (in a good way).

i ended up quite liking my food. i was slightly dubious about the presence of hollandaise at first, because the pulled pork, which was cooked in bbq sauce, appeared sufficiently sauced. it turned out that the hollandaise actually matched pretty well with the pulled pork, tying everything together. X wasn't a fan of the corn waffle- i found it slightly limp but alright. enough to finish it, anyway. i just didn't like the poached egg. it was way overdone, so part of the yolk had already congealed.

tried a bit of X's pulled chicken, but i preferred the pulled pork. it was cooked in a different sauce from the pork- kind of a spicy, tomato-y sauce. i was surprised that X, who has a bird-like stomach not unlike C's, managed to finish the entire plate, given the generosity of the portion. i was startled by how full i was, too.

food was not spectacular, but not too bad. it was a nice, quiet place for a leisurely sunday brunch, though it's really a bit too out of the way.

coyote by spruce
320 tanglin road

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