fika swedish cafe and bistro, onekm.

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i've come to the realisation that i actually like swedish food, so when i saw that fika had a groupon, i promptly asked X to go with me for lunch.

we were there for a late lunch, so the place was basically deserted- always a good thing. i was torn between the swedish meatballs and the beef hash (both $19.90), but eventually decided on the meatballs. X was surprisingly decisive (for once) and got the herb-crusted salmon ($26.50). we were told that the salmon would take about twenty minutes, but i think it got served in less than that.

my meatballs came first. it came with boiled potatoes, a side salad, and lingonberry jam. the meatballs were on the small side and not as juicy as i'd like, but it was decent. i liked that the meatballs had an almost crispy crust, but i especially liked the accompanying cream sauce. i found myself swiping the meatballs and the potatoes through the sauce, and i think i finished all of the sauce, which hardly ever happens. i do like lingonberry jam but i found theirs too sweet- none of the acidity that makes jam mouth-puckeringly yummy.

X's salmon came as a generous slab, with mashed potatoes, pickled beets, asparagus and lemon butter sauce. she liked hers enough to finish it in its entirety, so i guess that says something.

i wanted something else to share, and so we ordered the mushroom crepes ($16.90). not sure what's so swedish about the crepe, but i have a soft spot for crepes, especially when they're filled with cheese.

to make up the value of the voucher, we added on a cinnamon bun ($4.50). sweets are really not their strong suit- i strongly recommend sticking to just the mains. X, who ate the cinnamon bun, was startled by how dry and stale it was (i refused to eat it). we left it largely untouched.

aside from the horrendous cinnamon bun, food was decent, and i'd come back if they continue having the groupon. without it, though, i think it's overpriced.

fika swedish cafe and bistro

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