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having just come back from a vacation, i was (understandably) lazy to pack lunch. but i also wanted something clean, so salad it was! remembered seeing that populus has opened an offshoot selling grain bowls, so i headed over for lunch after the gym.

i spent a long time standing at the counter, deciding whether i wanted one of the senate bowls, or craft my own. there were a plethora of choices, and i'm not exactly the most decisive person. luckily i was the only one there- at two-thirty in the afternoon, i suppose most cbd people have already headed back to work. i decided to craft my own bowl ($15.50) in the end. interestingly enough, the ordering was via a kiosk near the counter. i had to key in my phone number, and they'd send me a text to inform me to collect my food when it was ready.

one base, one protein and five add-ons were included. what i didn't get, though, was why they had to restrict the five add-ons to one from each category. there were several i wanted in category A, but annoyingly enough, none i wanted from C.

i wanted super greens as the base, but they were out, so i (grudgingly) chose the 3 grain mix, which was a mix of quinoa, pearl barley and bulgur wheat. they were certainly generous with the base, though! there was so much that i ended up not finishing it. i got the tuscan lamb shoulder as the protein (though i was tempted by the 8 hour pulled pork) and it turned out to be a good choice.

the rest of my add-ons were a beetroot & herb salad, marinated mixed mushrooms, edamame, thai marinated fungi and spiced lime cashews. i liked all of the toppings, save for the thai marinated fungi. it was one-dimensionally sour (don't get how it's thai) and i struggled to finish it. mixing it with the grains made it slightly more palatable (and less acidic) so that was the strategy i stuck with. the rest of the add-ons were good, though, especially the beetroot and mushrooms.

it was a surprisingly filling bowl. didn't expect to be so full, actually. it's a place that warrants a return- they have a heirloom rendang bowl that looks promising.

senate coffee
five square

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