gyuu+ yakiniku grill, emporium shokuhin, marina square.

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the power of social media is incredible- i saw an instagram post on this place, and promptly got tempted into trying it the next day. i've walked past the restaurant while checking out emporium shokuhin, even scrutinised its menu, but ultimately didn't try it as i was alone and yakiniku isn't exactly the kind of thing one eats alone. didn't even realise that they had bibimbap until the instagram post, actually.

so i was craving something hot for lunch, and a sizzling bibimbap sounded like a good idea. i'd briefly toyed the idea of with trying sushi murasaki over at millenia walk (also thanks to instagram...) but shelved that for another day (when i feel like indulging myself).

it was a friday afternoon, but emporium shokuhin was buzzing with people (so many people on a weekday afternoon... do they not need to work?!) senmi sushi and the ramen place was particularly busy, but gyuu+ was quiet, with only a few tables occupied. i attributed that to yakiniku not being a popular choice for lunch and just went ahead.

i got the ishiyaki bibimbap ($16), requesting for less rice and more vegetables. not sure if they acceded, since i've never eaten there, but the portion of rice was just right.

the bibimbap came in its full sizzling glory- always a good sign. i love it when the rice at the bottom gets a nice golden crisp from the hot stone bowl, and this did exactly that.

the toppings included mushrooms, green vegetables, julienned carrots, kimchi, a raw egg and beef cubes. mixed up together with the sauce, it made for a yummy eat. but the star was definitely the beef- so so good. then again, they ARE a yakiniku place after all. i wish they were more generous with the beef though. 

quite a satisfying meal. i left happy because of the beef. might be worth coming back for the yakiniku sometime. 

gyuu+ yakiniku grill
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