aloha poke, amoy street.

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i've been tempted by their concept ever since i saw on instagram that they were opening. sashimi + rice + vegetables- right up my alley.

so i swung by for a takeaway, since i was going to be in the area. picked up the standard nalu ($15.90, but i only paid $12.80 because they were having a 20% off opening promotion), which comes with two scoops of poké. for my two scoops, i got one scoop each of the original ahi tuna and salmon. three other add-ons were included too, so i picked the flying fish roe, edamame and pomegranate.

it certainly was a pretty bowl, with bursts of colour from the pomegranate seeds, pineapple chunks and flying fish roe. the bottommost layer was brown rice, followed by the greens, then the various toppings.

thankfully it wasn't just pretty, but also tasty. i loved the marination of the sashimi cubes- reminded me of teppei's, but not quite as salty (which is a good thing since i find teppei's way too heavy-handed). the variety of toppings added much texture and flavour to the entire bowl. it was kind of like a chirashi, just with much more vegetables. they were also quite generous with the sashimi, so i didn't end up with just rice. would've liked them to be more heavy-handed with the other toppings though- especially the edamame and pomegranate, especially with that kind of prices.

it was also quite a good portion. i felt generally satisfied with the bowl, though i don't know if i'll come back, especially when i compare it to the daily cut, which still seems to offer better value for money.

aloha poke
92 amoy street

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