&sons bacaro, china square central.

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i've been eyeing their big plates lunch menu for a while now- in fact, every time i walk past on my way to the gym. i've heard good things about their small plates. my friend particularly recommended the sea urchin sabayon (mm...). did want to try it when i went for lunch, but the friend who went with me wasn't particularly hungry, so sharing was out of the question.

in the end we both just got stuff off the lunch menu. i was initially eyeing the grilled beef sirloin steak, but it didn't look very appealing on our neighbours' table. their pasta, on another table, did look really yum, but i wasn't in a carbs kind of mood, so i ended up with the slow cooked beef stew ($12.90).

our food arrived after a short wait. my friend got the salmon escalopes with grilled mushrooms ($12.90), which i tried bits of. the salmon skin was super crisp- really really good. the plate also came with grilled mushrooms and a salad.

mine came slightly later. i expected it to be more... stew-like. the plate that came, though, was more mashed potato than stew.

it wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything spectacular as well. the stew was tasty enough, as was the mashed potato, but i would've liked the beef to be cooked till tender. it wasn't tough, but it had more bite than i would prefer.

wouldn't go out of my way to come back for the beef stew, but the pasta looked really good, so might come back to try those instead. should've gone with my instinct and chosen the pasta- they are an italian place, after all.

&sons bacaro
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