grain traders, market street.

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came by for lunch a few weeks ago, when they'd just opened. was excited to try, because it's opened by the people behind kilo (which i've been meaning to try for SUCH a long time), and also because i like their concept.

what i didn't expect, though, was how crowded it was. i figured that because they'd just opened, the lunch crowd wouldn't be that bad. i underestimated the power of the raffles lunch crowd. i managed to snag a seat, but only because i was alone, and managed to share a table with three guys.

i decided to build my own bowl ($16) instead of choosing one of their creations.

loved how they displayed the toppings available! super fresh and appetising, and i got to see what i was picking before picking it. it was slightly stressful trying to decide what to pick though, because the queue was so fast moving. (most people are obviously more decisive than i am...) 

the sauces available were super vibrant and tempting as well, though i'm not a sauce kind of person. the bright pink beetroot feta yogurt was especially alluring, but in the end i still just got the coconut curry, because i heard good things about it. 

i picked the brown rice, topped with wild mushrooms, pulled pork, bean sprout salad, mixed bean pico de gallo and crushed peanuts.

so glad i got the coconut curry sauce. it was awesomely thick and rich, which went well with the brown rice. even though i'd just picked everything on a whim, they made for a yummy combination. 

it was a yummy bowl, but my only complaint is that portions are on the small side. i remember feeling hungry even after i'd finished the entire bowl (but maybe because i just came from the gym...?) still, for $16, i would think that they are capable of scooping more of each item into the bowl. i couldn't help but compare them with my go-to clean-eating places- wafuken and the daily cut. for the same price i would get a more filling portion, with more protein to boot. 

not sure if i'd be back, mostly because of it's questionable value-for-money-ness. still, it would make for a great light lunch. 

grain traders
138 market street

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