mad about sucre, teo hong road.

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wanted something sweet after dinner, so X and i hopped over to mad about sucre. i've been wanting to try this place ever since i saw the rave reviews of various food bloggers, in particular the san domingue.

the patisserie was empty when we entered, but filled up later. we were greeted effusively and given a thorough explanation of their cakes- X found this intimidating, but i quite liked knowing about the cakes. they were only left with three out of the five that they have- would have loved to try the coco citron. without question we chose the san domingue, but were undecided for quite a while regarding the passionne and moulin rouge. settled for the passionne in the end because i'm not a mousse kind of person.

loved the space. we took two armchairs in the hallway. the place was bigger than i thought it was on initial impression- it went quite deep inside.

we were presented with the passionne ($10.80) first, since it was lighter. a light cheesecake with passion fruit and coco nip crunch, each forkful was a delight. we were instructed to eat half the cake without the coco nips, then the second half of the cake with it for a textural change. i loved the coco nips- brilliant with the smooth cheesecake.

the san domingue ($12.80) was presented pretty as a picture. topped with a rum jewel box, mousse made from 70% single origin chocolate with caramelized plantain vanilla cream inside, and a brittany crunch on the bottom. since there were two of us and only one rum box, we cut the chocolate and let the rum spill onto the plate instead. even eaten like that, it was good, so i can only imagine how it would be like eating the chocolate whole. the entire dessert was a great combination of flavours, and the best part was that it wasn't saccharine sweet. especially liked the biscuit base, which provided a good textural contrast.

not cheap- we paid $26 for two people for two cakes, but completely worth the price, given the beautifully conceived and constructed cakes and impeccable service. will be back for the coco citron.

mad about sucre
27 teo hong road

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