paddy hills, south buona vista.

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J was driving and we had to be in the west, so paddy hills, which i've been meaning to try for a while now, seemed like a good choice.

the place was quiet when we got there, with only a few tables occupied, so it was really nice for a quiet lunch.

they have all-day brunch, right up to 5pm, so it was right up our alley. i zeroed in on the potato & fish ($24) straight away, because i can never say no to rostï. they had christmas specials as well, but the item i was interested in from that menu happened to be unavailable. J wanted the green scramble & bacon ($23), but without the bacon (much to the waiter's bewilderment). he told us that it would be silly to have it without the bacon, since it was kind of the point of the dish. i then asked if they could change the bacon to smoked salmon, but after consulting the kitchen, we were told that it wouldn't be possible. in the end J settled for the naked english muffin ($16), adding on the house cured salmon ($5). i don't understand why they couldn't have been more flexible about it, though!

both our dishes came prettily plated.

the rostï wasn't quite what i expected, though. the potato strips were cut more finely than usual, so it resembled fried vermicelli more than regular rostï. it was yummy just the same, though a bit on the oily side. the sea bass was generously portioned and super well-cooked, especially the super crisp skin. the bagna cauda sauce was interesting- not like anything i have ever had before, but it went well with the fish and rostï, though being placed on the bottom meant that it made the rostï slightly soggy. on googling i realised it was made from garlic and anchovy, both of which i don't exactly have a fondness for, but i couldn't really discern what it was when i was eating it. i quite liked my plate, but it leant towards the greasy side. i also found myself getting hungry quite soon after the meal, which meant that the portion wasn't quite enough- it would've been nice to have a more generous portion of carbs.

J's naked english muffin was basically in-house stewed beans, guacamole, poached eggs and greens stacked atop english muffins. she quite liked it, but i found it on the pricey side. still, food was obviously well cooked, and i wouldn't mind returning to try their other items (on a day when i'm not famished).

service was not too bad, but they took forever to serve J's side order of smoked salmon. we were halfway through our meal before we decided to ask about the salmon again, and were told that they'd check with the kitchen. but... we still had to ask them yet another time before it finally appeared. given that it was pretty much empty... it makes me wonder how they manage when it's full house.

paddy hills
38 south buona vista road

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