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i have a fondness for atas food courts like pasarbella, because interesting food is offered at more down to earth prices. and yay to no service charge! found out that wild market had just opened at shaw towers, so i brought C along for dinner.

there weren't a lot of stalls; probably about six, but it was a good mix of western and local. maybe because they'd just opened, the whole place was quiet, even for a weeknight, especially if you compare it to pasarbella over at suntec.

the stall that caught our attention was arôme, which was offering a two-course set for a really good price. i got the duck confit (of course) for $15.90. C's black angus bavette cost slightly more at $21.90. we both got soups as our starters.

we were given a buzzer to collect our food once it rang, but they were nice enough to serve it to us. our soups came after a brief wait. i got the french onion soup, while C got the spiced pumpkin velouté. both were served with baguettes. my french onion soup was pretty good! C wasn't used to her spiced pumpkin, and we ended up swapping soups in the end. i liked both well enough, so i didn't mind.

our mains came only after we were done with our soup. i was impressed by how prettily plated both of our dishes were! and happily enough, the food measured up, too. my duck confit had the requisite crisp skin.

it was accompanied by a slice of grilled pear, lentils and braised purple cabbage. all in all, it was a satisfying eat. i tried a bite of C's black angus bavette. while it was pretty good, i still preferred the duck.

i'm definitely coming back (probably with J in tow). they have a couple of promising items on their menu that i'm interested in trying. they seem to be open till at least nine in the evening, which is good, given our penchant for late dinners. i'll be back!

arôme french bistro
shaw towers

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