garçons, upper thomson.

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we were on our way to pacamara, walking along upper thomson road, when i spotted garçons' christmas special menu that they'd displayed at the entrance. the turkey roulade caught my attention, and i decided that i wanted to try it. besides, having tried by the fire at alibabar, which is by the same people, and quite liked it, it seemed reasonable to assume that food at garçons would be of a similar standard.

the place was quiet for a weeknight dinner. the only other occupied table was by a caucasian guy drinking wine, but he left after a while.

it's mostly self service. we had to go up to the counter to order and pay, and were given a buzzer to collect our food. utensils and water were at a separate counter for us to help ourselves to. not that i minded, though- it's great that they don't charge for service. even though they gave us a buzzer, in the end, they served us the food at our table anyway.

i got the roasted turkey roulade ($15.90), which was basically turkey breast stuffed with bacon and apricots, mashed potato and mesclun salad. sadly the turkey breast was on the dry side, and strangely enough i could barely taste the apricots and bacon. what i tasted was actually pistachio. the mashed potato was also nothing to shout about, especially when i compare it to pacamara's smooth and creamy one.

but for the price, i was reasonably satisfied, though if i came back, i would probably order something else.

we also shared a tuna tataki salad ($12.50). it's awesome that J is as into salads as i am! the salad was pretty good, actually. i especially liked the balsamic vinagrette.

J, as usual, got salmon, this time in the form of a herb crusted salmon ($16.20). i didn't try it, but she didn't like the herb crust, and ended up scraping it off.

incongruously they were playing tom and jerry on a TV screen on mute. i didn't quite get why, but it entertained me for a bit. the food, given its nett pricing, was not too bad, though i think i was more impressed with by the fire. perhaps i just didn't order the right thing...? i wouldn't mind coming back, but there are so many other things along upper thomson that i think i'll be distracted away.

215r upper thomson road

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