wong kee wanton noodles & roasted delights, timbre+.

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timbre+ has, naturally, been on my to-visit list since its opening. its concept embodies all the stuff i like- plenty of interesting food in a non-restaurant setting. the only thing that was stopping me from going there was its location in the west side. thankfully had some time on a weekday, and decided to head there.

made a loop around the place before deciding on wong kee- i've heard a lot of good things about its noodles and dumplings. (though, of course, i was distracted by other stalls, like dusk by slake. another time, perhaps.) to be honest, i was also half attracted by the queue at wong kee, which was shorter than i expected, perhaps because it was late for lunch (and also, the only stall to have a queue). i had time on my hands, so i didn't mind the queue, and besides, i didn't have to queue that long, anyway. there were perhaps six people in front of me, and i waited for about 10-15 minutes before placing my order.

while queueing, i was pondering what to order. i knew that i wanted the dumpling soup ($4) but i also wanted the beef brisket noodles. i did want to try the beef brisket, but i'm really not into carb-based dishes, especially after whole 30. so while in the queue, i'd decided to just get the dumpling soup and not be greedy. for some reason though, after i'd ordered the dumpling soup, i decided to be brave and ask the guy if only sold the beef brisket on its own. understandably, the guy went like !!! and consulted the girl who was cooking the noodles. maybe carbs are really unfashionable or something, but she got it straight away, and said, "you just don't want carbs, right?" so she special-ordered my dumpling soup by adding beef brisket to it, charging $6.50.

so glad i decided to be brave and ask, because the beef brisket was pretty good! (i would probably ask them to put the beef brisket separately next time though. the girl did ask if i wanted it separate, but i was already embarrassed enough about my order that i just said no.) i would definitely go back again, especially after they were so nice about my (seriously weird) special order.

the dumplings were even better. they were huge! its skin was silky smooth, super thin, and packed with a juicy, flavoursome filling. there were even bits of water chestnut and black fungus in it. one of the best dumplings i've eaten.

i'd definitely come back for more of their food. i've heard that lunchtime queues stretch up to half an hour, though, and that's kind of scary. i'd stick to the late lunch timing if i go back.

wong kee wanton noodles & roasted delights

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