café & meal muji, paragon.

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muji café has never really been something i wanted to try. at least until my sister told me that it was nice and that i should try it. so, based on her recommendation, i came by for a late lunch with my friend. we managed to get seats easily even though it was a weekend.

i decided on the 3 deli set ($12.90), which came with one hot and two cold deli items and rice. got the mixed spice chicken, thick omelette and prawn & edamame salad. chose to top up an extra $1 for the ten grain rice. added an onsen egg ($1) for good measure, and ended up paying $14.90. my friend, who is more money savvy, figured out that the deli set actually doesn't make sense, because one hot and two cold deli items actually only cost $10.40- which basically means one is paying $2.50 for white rice, and $3.50 for the ten grain rice. to be honest i really didn't realise until she pointed it out (i was too hungry and just wanted my food).

the food was okay, i guess, but portions are so tiny! really wonder who they're trying to feed- not me after the gym, that's for sure. i did like the ten grain rice, but not enough to pay that amount for it. also, weirdly enough, they were out of a lot of stuff, and it wasn't even close to closing yet. my friend wanted the matcha cheesecake and the roasted tea pudding, but they were out.

doubt i'll come back, given the tiny portions and the fact that prices are on the high side. (i guess it's for people with puny appetites, like X.)

café & meal muji

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