hoshino coffee, capitol piazza.

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i've been to hoshino coffee at its first outlet at plaza singapura multiple times. i've loved their soufflé pancakes ever since i had it the first time, which was probably two years ago. at every single visit, i found that standards have been kept consistent. the 25 minute wait has also stayed largely the same, but i guess awesome pancakes are worth the wait.

X and i wanted a little more food after dinner at the betterfield, and were initially headed to clinton st. baking company (i was somehow craving their thick, fluffy pancakes). we called ahead to ask when was their last order timing, were told that it was nine. we made it there on the dot, but they told us the kitchen was closed, wasting our trip there. so hoshino coffee came to mind- soufflé pancakes are quite a good substitute, anyway.

headed over and quickly ordered the double pancake soufflé style ($12), with an extra $1.20 for matcha softee.

the service there was eye openingly bad, though. we were seated at a corner, and were made to feel completely invisible. i had to ask for water twice before we finally got it (after a really long wait). even then, the waitress plonked it down onto our table wordlessly and unsmilingly. that would've been the end of it, but our pancakes arrived without the softee we'd ordered. upon asking, we were told that it was unavailable (!), but we'd already been served the bill charging us for it. the waiter who served us scurried off after saying that it was unavailable, and we were left dumbstruck. X went over to the counter to ask if we could have the vanilla softee instead, and it was then that she found out that the matcha softee was, in fact, available.

thankfully, the pancakes made up for it. it was just as delicious as i remembered it to be. the melty knob of cream-lookalike perched atop the pancakes was actually whipped butter. it was salty, buttery and awesome (and i ate it all).

atrocious service like that makes me wonder why we have to pay service charge. if they don't want to serve us water, i'm perfectly fine with getting it myself- it'd be more efficient, for one. this is really one of my pet peeves- having to pay for service even when it's crap. i still love the pancakes, but i'll probably not go back to the capitol piazza outlet for it.

hoshino coffee
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