salted & hung, purvis street.

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chope was having a promo, offering $25 for the 3 course set lunch instead of the usual $35, so of course i had to go. it was, sadly, already the last day of the promotion when i went. the place wasn't packed when i went, but there were a fair number of people (mostly caucasians).

i didn't want dessert, so i asked if i could have two starters instead, and they agreed readily. i took a while to decide which of the three starters i wanted, but eventually went with the mackerel and beetroot.

the food came quickly. the mackerel arrived first, all delicately plated in a heavy looking stone bowl. the mackerel itself was delicious and well cooked, with a crispy skin. didn't feel that the snow pea salad added anything to the dish, aside from aesthetics, though. couldn't discern the bacon dashi as well, but it was still yummy in its own right.

the beetroot starter came after i was done with the mackerel. it wasn't exactly what i'd envisioned. since the menu'd mentioned burrata, i was picturing a generous lump of it. salted & hung's version was a more delicate one. i liked the combination of flavours- creaminess from the cheese, sweetness and freshness from the beetroot and truffle honey, combined with pops of bitterness from the pine nuts. i cleaned it up in no time.

i was still hungry after i was done with two starters, so i was already thinking that i'd be having to get something else to eat. it turned out that i didn't have to worry- the main was a hearty portion of beef cheek on polenta.

the beef cheek had been braised until it was super tender, and there were quite a number of generous chunks. i've always had a soft spot for polenta, so that hit the spot as well. there were ribbons of pickled daikon on top of the beef, which added a freshness.

i was served a complimentary warm oatmeal cookie with salted caramel on top when i was done with my meal. that was a nice touch! the cookie was delicious- chewy and not too sweet. i especially liked the hit of salt in the caramel.

the food wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but all the items i had were executed well. probably wouldn't go out of the way to return, but i wouldn't mind going back to try their sangas. service was attentive as well. all in all, it was a pretty good lunch.

salted & hung
12 purvis street

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