gastrosmiths, i12.

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come to think of it, my last visit to gastrosmiths was at their old location at beach road, more than a year ago. they've since moved to i12, and prices have also since become friendlier- pricing is nett, and menu prices are lower than what they were previously.

set lunch was available at $15 nett, but none of the mains caught our attention, so neither of us got the set lunch, opting instead to order off the a la carte menu. i was indecisive as usual *cough* and spent a while deciding between the alaskan black cod mee sua ($24) and the pork chops on warm sauerkraut ($18)... but eventually decided on the gastrosmiths chicken roast ($18). J was sniggering at my utter inability to make up my mind about what to eat. *ashamed* i blame it on the fact that there were so many tempting items on the menu!

our food came quickly. J's fisherman's mee sua ($18) came slightly before mine, and i got to try a bit of it. it was just as good as i remembered it to be, and J liked it too. they had a clam version available on their set lunch menu for $15, but J wanted the prawns that came with the fisherman's mee sua.


my roast chicken came complete with crispy skin, which made it a super delicious (but sinful) dish. they'd used chicken thigh, which was succulent and tender. the accompanying steamed potatoes sautéed mushrooms were good as well, especially when eaten with the chicken. the menu stated that there was dijon mustard, but i couldn't discern it. there were, however, capers, which added a salty, acidic pop to the dish. my only complaint was that portions could've definitely been more generous (i'm a growing girl).

lunch was a quiet and delicious affair, and service was attentive as well, even though they don't charge for service. it's a place i'll definitely return to- the pork chops sound really good, actually.


reading menus is one of my hobbies.