sin lee foods, bukit ho swee.

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sugar was having a special event, the sugar blackout, where all items were going at just 50 cents (!). managed to snag the aburi broccoli, and so, made my way down to tiong bahru to redeem it. the aburi broccoli has always been on my to-try list, because of how interesting it sounded. so this was the aburi broccoli (usually $13)- smoky torched broccoli and crushed papadum sprinkled with cheese shavings, over what seemed like a thin layer of mayonnaise, with an arty swipe of red sugar on the side of the bowl.

i loved it. never had anything quite like it. would've liked more of the papadum to add a crunchy element, and less of the mayo (then again i just don't like mayo) but the combination, surprisingly, worked. i found myself brushing the florets against the red sugar- the red sugar added a slight sweetness, and was more than just a garnish.

also got the beef & grains ($25) to go along with the broccoli. sliced striploin, runny fried egg and orzo, with a generous amount of sesame seeds, furikake and spring onions, in a very japanese broth. the orzo tasted so much like rice that i was surprised to find that it was actually pasta. it was a generous serving- i actually really felt full after the meal, and it lasted me till dinner (that is a feat in itself). it was soupy, warm and comforting. when the flavours got a bit heavy, there was the pickled ginger to refresh the tastebuds (though i found the ginger to be sliced a bit too thick).

the sunny side up was runny as promised- eggporn action!


really liked the two dishes i had. sugar is a really good way to explore places- gives me the push to travel to harder-to-get-to places for food. i've always thought that sin lee foods was just another café, but my experience there and the fact that they've been around for quite a while proves otherwise. love the creative spin they put on dishes- who knew that aburi broccoli would work? now, if only they weren't so out of the way...

sin lee foods
block 4 jalan bukit ho swee

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