luxe, keong saik.

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having seen pretty good reviews, i've been wanting to try luxe for quite a while. but unfortunately, they're closed on mondays, which happens to be my off day (why is it that so many cafes and restaurants close on mondays?! grr). i was excited when i found that they were participating in the gourmet greens week, so i quickly made a lunch reservation.

the gourmet greens lunch was a four course meal, at $30. it started with parmesan doughnuts with parmesan cream. it was an inspiring start. the doughnuts (really shaped more like churros) were served fresh and piping hot. delicious paired with the smooth parmesan cream.

quinoa and beetroot falafel with minted yoghurt and greens came next. who knew quinoa and beetroot could be made into falafel? to be honest, i could hardly discern the flavour of beetroot, but it really tasted like regular falafel.

the main, miso mushrooms with rice, bok choy and tea-smoked egg arrived after a short wait. it was a delicious tumble of ingredients i like- fried shallots and miso mushrooms over brown rice. couldn't tell that the egg was actually tea smoked, but i loved the dish anyway. the egg was runny, and mixed into the rice, it was delicious. i would come back just for this. who knew something so simple could be so good?

the dessert was pandan madeleines with kaya and coconut cream. this is something i've wanted to try ever since reading about how spectacular the kaya is. thankfully, it lived up to expectations. the madeleines were served hot, with a slightly crispy crust that speaks of being freshly toasted, and they were fragrant and soft. the kaya and coconut cream was a sinful, irresistible combination. i found myself dipping bites of the madeleine into the kaya and coconut cream, though the madeleine was yummy even on its own. i've never liked madeleines, so it was a surprise to even myself that i actually really liked this.

i left really full and happy. the portions served were pretty generous. i'll gladly come back to try more of their food.

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